Please Enjoy Your Visit

The Rome Italy Temple site, the first and only Temple complex of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Italy, features beautiful art, stunning architecture, and magnificent gardens for people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs. The site is a family-friendly environment where all can learn more about Jesus Christ and enjoy the peaceful feeling of sacred grounds. No advanced booking or reservations are required and the gates are open every day from 9:00 to 21:00.


Come And Visit The Beautiful Rome Temple Grounds And Explore The Visitors’ Center!

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Walk The Temple Grounds


The Rome Temple grounds are a sacred place. We hope you’ll enjoy your time here as you find a quiet place to meditate, or as you talk and laugh with friends or family. We ask that these grounds be treated with kindness and respect.

Explore the Gardens

The Rome Temple gardens feature 15 acres of stunning landscaping featuring olive trees, Roman umbrella pines, and a cascading fountain that connect the Temple to the Visitors’ Center. Come and find a peaceful place for resting, pondering, and spending time with family and friends.


Stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, gorgeous sunsets, and a flowing fountain make the Italy Rome Temple Grounds the perfect spot for photography. Photographers are welcome to use the grounds for photoshoots and no entrance/photography fee is required.

Schedule A Free Tour

Feel free to just come by and walk around on your own. But please also know that we would love to help you enjoy an in-person guided tour with one of our friendly volunteers, or book a virtual tour to learn some insights about the beautiful art featured in the Visitors’ Center, the purpose of Temples, and answer any questions. Advanced scheduling is not required for in-person visitors.