If you had a good time, please take some time to share your experience online.


Not only is being on temple grounds a special experience, it is an opportunity that not many people have the chance to do. Let your friends know about your experience and share a glimpse this special opportunity. Here’s some ideas:

  • What impressed you most about the temple?
  • Do you enjoy the gardens and temple grounds?
  • 你學到了什麼以前不知道的知識?
  • How does the temple point to and honor Jesus Christ?



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雖然《聖經》是由以色列及其周邊地區的人民所寫,並且是關於以色列及其周邊地區的人民,並且時間是從創世到耶穌基督死後不久,但摩爾門經卻包含了神與以色列人民打交道的歷史。大約在公元前 600 年至公元 400 年期間生活在美洲。摩門經是耶穌基督的另一約。


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